18 August 2022

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At Elsewedy, we believe that human capacity is best developed through education and inclusion. We hope to instill in Egypt’s future leaders the value of social responsibility, the importance of community welfare and the spirit of self-empowerment. A clear opportunity lies in our ability to train the next generation of electrical engineers and technical experts.

Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA)

In 2011, Elsewedy Electric established the Elsewedy Electric Technical School in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MOE). Elsewedy Electric Technical School aims to support technical school graduates and prepare them to join the workforce. The school teaches them how to get acquainted with relevant education pathways for those who want to continue beyond upper secondary education. STA launched its first academy in September 2016 which hosted 400 students. It plans to acquire the Quality Management Certificate ISO 29990 in 2017 Students join STA on full scholarships, providing them with uniforms, learning material, electronic learning devices, transportation and on-the-job training during their three-year course of study, in addition to financial support in the form of monthly compensation. For more information, please visit: http://www.sta.edu.eg

Other Select Initiatives

Mohamed Farid School (Egypt)

Elsewedy Electric established the Mohamed Farid school, including the development of the school (all infrastructure works, classrooms, laboratories, activities) and the hiring of teachers and administrators. Additionally, Elsewedy covers the cost of school uniforms, bags and stationary for its 1,760 students.

Sheikh Zayed School for Basic Education (Egypt)

El-Sheikh Zayed School for Basic Education offers a number of classes for KG1 & KG2. Elsewedy Electric allotted a monthly donation to renovate four classes in addition to hiring additional teachers needed to handle the growing capacity.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz School (Egypt)

Elsewedy Electric took the initiative to revamp the Sheikh Abdul Aziz school before the start of the 2015 academic year. The renovation process included painting the school, supplying new desks, adding new sporting facilities and the development of a high-end computer lab.

Early Childhood School (Egypt)

In the beginning of the 2015 academic year, Elsewedy Electric signed a mandate with the Ministry of Education to renovate and renew the “Early Childhood School”. All the toilets as well as the carpentry were renovated, in addition to six classes which were also supplied with books, toys, drawing tools, microphones and other equipment.